Song For Us

by Darren Kerley-Clark Amateur

Song For Us

by Darren Kerley-Clark | Amateur


Verse 1
Hey baby…don’t you cry
If you look in your heart, you’ll find me inside
Hey baby…don’t be sad
We can get back all the good times that we had
If we try, we can make a brand new start
Put together the pieces of our hearts

Silver linings need a cloud
Rainbows need a little rain to fall down
Stars need the sun to shine at night
We need a little darkness to see the light
Gotta get up when you’re feeling down
Just stand still when your head’s spinning ’round
Can’t have the smooth without the rough
Need you and me so we can be Us

Verse 2
Hey baby, hold on tight
I’m gonna love you every day and every night
Hey baby, we’ll be fine
This time it’s forever, now and for all time
We’ll build a new life, one we know can last
Leave those sad memories buried in the past

(Guitar Solo)

Country Rock Ballad written for my Wife after a difficult 2020
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