Stories of Love

by Tiffany Fletcher Amateur


Life is a series of stories told
Of courage and strength from both young and old
They teach us which way to go
By learning what others know
And remind us with faith
We are not alone.

Tell me the stories of life
All the joys and the strife
That I may feel heaven above
Tell me of Father, His plan
And the Savior of man
Please tell me the stories of love

Tell me the tales of my family
The choices and traits that are part of me
I’ll understand who I am
By learning where they have been
With my heart tied to theirs, they will live again


Tell me of warriors who had no fear
And mother’s who lived for their children dear
Please teach me what they have braved
The sacrifice they have made
I will grow in my faith and be not afraid


Give us stories to share of both courage and prayer. For we learn from our stories of love.

This is a song written for our Stake Family History Fair when I was the Stake Primary President. I wanted the children to understand the importance of learning the stories of their ancestors. I felt that if they learned the stories, it would more securely tie their hearts to their ancestors and inspire them to do their own family history work. The lyrics were written by me, the music was written by Anne Saunders, and this piano arrangement is by Linnell Burrows. 🙂
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