Street of Broken Dreams

by Tom Waschkowski Amateur

Street of Broken Dreams

by Tom Waschkowski | Amateur


I was looking out some window I was staring at the Street
16 Soldiers on a Flatbed in their eyes there was defeat
There’s a Juggler on the Corner and Cop down on his beat
And some Husband buying flowers from a girl down in the Street

Ohh surviving of a Street of Broken Dreams ( Chorus)

There’s a Busker and a Veteran and some Boys around a Drum
And a Sailor with designs on some Daughter on the run
There’s a Flag that flies at half-mast and a Cloud that blocks the sun
And the Planet’s getting warmer Ohh what can be done

Guitar Solo

There’s a Lady of the Evening and a guy that asks for change
And some boys in from the suburbs just trying to vent their rage
John & Linda tried the Country we lost Raymond in the Gulf
Mystic Wizzards rule this planet with much guidance from above

On the Streets of Broken Dreams
On these Streets of Broken Dreams

the trials and tribulations of living in todays society
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