sweet memories

by michael Amateur

sweet memories

by michael | Amateur


Sweet Memories

Sittin On A River Bank, All By Myself

Thinking Of My Younger Days

Missing The Memories Of My Mom And Dad

Now All Alone, Old And Grey

I See My Name Written On A Redwood Tree

My Childhood Days Gentle On My Mind

There Were Times In My Life I Felt Lost

I See In The River, Reflections Of Time

With Sweet Memories,

A Passage And A Sign

Sweet Memories,

Wish I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time

I Shed A Tear For Those I’ve Loved

Sometimes life is not what It Seems

As Age Passes By Like The Seasons

I Reflect On My Yesterday Dreams

As I Walk Down That Dusty Road

My Guitar On My Back To The Wind

The Good With The Bad As The Storys Told

As The Sun Sets, Now Comes The End

Turnaround : Chorus:

its all my song words and music
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