The Homecoming Ball

by Karen Braysher Amateur


The Homecoming Ball
Americana Roots Alt-Country
3/4 127 bpm

Intro 16 Bars

Verse 1

On a train, trees dance with a blanket of snow
It’s been a long hard time working here on my own.

Excitement in the air for the Homecoming Ball tonight,
Like the Mardi Gras, masks sparkle and shine so bright

I’m coming home tonight, for the
Homecoming Ball,          mountains of  faith I
 promised to you I”m, coming home,
I’m coming home tonight, for the
Homecoming Ball, a woman of my word 
I promised you,  I’m coming home

Verse 2

Missed your smile, touch of your, lips gently on mine,
gonna hold you so tight while we dance, side by side,

we can dance,  through the night, I feel a miracle in my heart,
I see a glint in your eyes, like diamonds in the sky.

Repeat Chorus last line x 3

Americana, Roots, Alt-Country Written and performed by Karen Braysher
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