The last cooee

by Arthur McRedmond Amateur

The last cooee

by Arthur McRedmond | Amateur


in a far forgotten corner of a never never land
i stood beside a chimney where a cottage used to stand
this place once held a family this place had been a home
their will has forged a spirit and never shall it roam
and the grey goose sends a shiver up and down my backbone
as i get the eerie feeling that im not here alone
but i can sense a presence or is it just the breeze
that bears a timeless echo that bears an endless echo
of the last cooee
cooee,cooee cooee etc
in a far forgotten corner of an unforgiving land
i saw those years of labour lost to drought and desert sand
but i felt their every struggle and i knew their pain and fear
for my existence in this country i owe to every pioneer
and somewhere in the distance a windmill strives to turn
and i feel a swell of pride for what ive come to learn
for in those rusty blades a future calls to me
carried in a dream they had carried in the message
of their last cooee
chorus (not really a chorus)

Australiana type song thinking about the original pioneers co written by ron josephson
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