The Old Woman, the Blind Man, and the Gypsy

by andrew klein Amateur


Way down in Peru, I met an old woman
face of a million lines, and twice as much wisdom
with a mouth full of coca leaves
she said I’d return, with a lady by my side
that old woman her eyes bright as a child’s.
Some people are sages, have a shining light
see into our souls, call it second sight.
They can tell us things if they want to
or hide behind a sly smile
In my life I believe I’ve met three
The Old woman, a blind man and a gypsy.
Then in Taiwan, I met an old blind man
his sight was gone, but he could see more than I can
He told me that my ties to the homeland, could never end
and that we’re still friends That blind man, knew the story’s end.
Some people are sages have a second sight.
See into our souls with a shining light
They can tell us things if they want to, or maybe just smile.
In my life, I know I’ve met three
The old woman, the blind man and a gypsy.
Then back at home, I met the old gypsy.
She told me that, the game’s been played for far too long
a thousand years of heartbreak, so far.
You gotta learn to play….that gypsy, she knew the way.
My three masters were teaching me
eyes bright as a child
knew the story’s end
knew the way.
The old woman, the blind man, and the gypsy
The Old Woman, the Blind Man, and the Gypsy

Asked if I ever met anyone who was psychic I responded that we are all able to tap into our minds and energy, and that, on occasion, this could be interpreted as psychic. Later, I thought about it and wrote this song. The characters are real people. The Old woman was, in fact, Maria Reiche, the famous archeologist that studied the lines of Nazca, Peru. The old man was a blind masseuse that I visited in Taiwan, and the Gypsy was a woman originally from Russia that I met here, in the states.
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