The realm of darkness

by Francis Armstrong Amateur

The realm of darkness

by Francis Armstrong | Amateur


Evening shadows, are my friend
Hide my pain and sorrow yet again
At moonrise dark clouds are weeping
Stain the earth their acid seeping
Yet the memory that was etched into my mind
Lingers on
Crimson, in the realm of darkness.

On troubled shores I breathed alone
‘Neath the cliffs of old limestone
In the shadow of the pale moonlight
Zipped my jacket ‘gainst the icy night
Then my ears were split by the crack of the lightning strike
A marlin spike
And it lit the realm of darkness…

In the wounded night a ghostly door
A million souls but even more
Murmured as they shook their chains of death
Listened as they waited for his breath
Locked within the fortress of the grave
Could they be saved?
Imprisoned in that realm of darkness.

Clowns, thought I, you surely knew
The prince of Darkness countless slew
Listen to the words of prophet Paul
Or Suffer loss of heaven’s halls
Pray that you may
Escape – that Realm of darkness.

But the prisoners cursed and swore
Their golden calf it mattered more
As the angels flashed out dire warnings
Of a fiery flood that is storming
Still offered hope
To escape, the Realm of darkness
The realm of Darkness.

inspired by Simon and Garfunkel bridge over troubled water...
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