The Road

by Phil Smith Amateur


I keep my feet on the road,
Hoping your road keeps on running with my road
We’ll walk here for some time.
You know it’s alright to cry
With so much on your mind,
Even clouds cry when they’re heavy.

Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful.

Stop and rest for a while,
There’s no use in moving forwards
If forwards just ain’t the right way.
You don’t know which way to turn,
But, if you know the next step, just take the next step,
That’s alright for now

Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful
Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful

Life’s an open highway –
Direction nowhere and everywhere.
Show me the sign!

I lift my eyes to the hills,
Just where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Maker of all
I keep my eyes on the prize
I keep on running and don’t look back
If only to see how far I’ve come

Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful
Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful
Lift your eyes – it’s beautiful

The Road is inspired by the journey of life and the connections we have along the way. Even though life can be hard and the road we walk dangerous at times, three things resound for me along the journey. The first is other people. Our paths may run alongside others for a time and for a good reason that may only be apparent in retrospect. Sometimes we're connected to provide/receive that wisdom of future direction or encouragement to keep going in a season where life is a real struggle. The second thing that resounds with me is the world we live in. It's beautiful! I love walking in and connecting with creation and it really does make life's hard road better to soak in the beauty. The final and, personally, the most important connection that resounds with me is my Creator. I am on a road and I know where it ultimately ends because of the connection with and faith that I have in God. I have entered into the Amateur category, as I am far from a professional recording artist! I do sing professionally, but home recording is a journey I am just starting out on. If you think I ought to be in the professional category then please do as you see best.
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