the Yearning

by Daniel Harrison Amateur


Sitting here thinking about the things that I’ve done
Though sometimes it’s been fun, I’ve been a fool
Nothing left to hold to I feel something has died
And I’m torn deep inside though I try to play it cool
Nothing ever goes my way at all
I want to lift my head up and walk tall
Though I know pride comes before a fall
I’m caught up in life with my back against the wall

All I want to have is a friend to talk to
Maybe that friend is you, but I don’t know
All I want to know is am I hated am I loved
I think I’ve had enough but does it show?
I have never been so cold and scared
Slowly all my scars are being bared
I’ve got to find someone I know will care
But there don’t seem to be a friend anywhere

Just lately I’ve been thinking that I’ll lose my mind
Love is hard to find yea just like gold
I feel just like a lost sheep so far away from home
I don’t want to die alone when I get old
There’s got to be a way for me to win
For the life of me I don’t know where to begin
It seems like nothing goes my way at all
I’ve got to lift up my head and walk tall

In the past I’ve let my troubles wear my soul
In my heart’s a massive whole waiting to be filled
But the day has come I’m going to raise up my voice
I’m going to make a choice, this is my free will
I’ve got to find somebody who believes
And all of my love they will receive
Something’s going my way after all
Today’s the day I’m going to lift my head and walk tall

acoustic based track self written and composed a song about gaining confidence
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