Those were the choices you made.

by Glenn Lake Amateur

Those were the choices you made.

by Glenn Lake | Amateur


There’s a side no one hears, but the silence is breaking, Whoa- I’m not your problem anymore, and the low road you’ve been takin’ leads right to your door.

Hey, nothin’ left to say now you’re all by yourself breathin’, all that country air, it’s never fair, but fighting’s much easier than swallowing your pride.
Freedom won’t allow you to escape all your enemies, might end up living inside your mind. There’s some thin’ wrong with always neon’ right- that’s probably why your alone tonight.
Nice girls can turn to mean girls in a minute- and tear up you’re dream world and all that’s in it. So we’ll both carry on, and know that “Those we’re the choices you made.
Find a guy, have a drink, use all your wily persuasion, soon your bitter words will cause him hurt and keep cheat in’ your heart that’s in need of someone to love.
Chorus- repeats 1rst chorus line .

Bittersweet breakup song. Sweet because the music has lilting up beat 3/4 waltz tempo. Bitter because lyrically there is a dissonance that tells the story of how, after being skewered on social media etc., his only revenge is told through this song. He would not stoop to her level. This song was very personal to me.
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