To You

by Chareese Vandyke Amateur


We don’t really know how much time we have
We don’t really know when this world is gonna’ end
I have a little trouble getting by, missing a little something inside
Can you feel what I’m feeling, I’m feeling, oh

And I will run to you
And then to you and then to you, oh
And I will wait for you
And also you, along with you, oh
Today, tomorrow
And the rest of my days like a never-ending chain, oh
Yes, I will run to you
And then to you and then to you

Reach out, hold on
Haven’t felt this happiness in so long
Got doubts? Stay strong
I just feel, I just feel, oh
Love wins in the end
When you realize that you’ve got friends
Connecting through them
So, you can feel, you can feel, oh

(You to me and me to you, and you to me and me to you)

A song about the sometimes terrifying journey of finding people to care about, and who care about you.
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