Toxteth Girl

by Anthony J. Quinn Amateur

Toxteth Girl

by Anthony J. Quinn | Amateur


Toxteth girl sing for me tonight,
Let’s see you there now glamorously
In the spotlight,
You’re more than a night-club singer,
More than a girl in the background,
Let your vocal power break that wall of sound.
Pick up that microphone
And sing some old-time standard,
Let the broken-hearted alone
Hear some sad, romantic ballad,
Stretch their heartstrings tight
As the lights begin to fade,
Sing the chorus for all of us
Of a classic no longer played.
And Toxteth girl with your face that’s Spanish brown
And your raven-black hair sweeping over your shoulders
Sweetly streaming down,
Sing some Tamla Motown, ‘Baby Love’ or ‘Tears Of A Clown’
Sing some cabaret and we’ll dance the night away.
And Toxteth girl come up to the fore,
Imagine the polite applause is a palladium encore,
Is it the starry-night or the stardom you desire?
Come on set the stage alight
And set the night on fire.
Forget the sadness and sorrow
come on take a bow,
You’ll be a star tomorrow,
you’ll be a star some way somehow,
The world will see your beauty,
The world is in your hand
When you sing ‘Stand By Me’
And ‘Footprints In The Sand’

A bright, upbeat song about a folkclub/openmic singer dreaming of becoming a big star, I wrote the song individually but there are other musicians on the recorded I attach.
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