Unconditional Love

by Andrea Medina Youth (ages 13-17)


Unconditional Love

I couldn’t see
Your love for me
The One that you gave me unconditionally

My heart is flourished, My heart is yours.
Take my soul and time, every second is yours

“cuz you,

you love me.


you fill me up Lord.
give all my life to you

Even in the pain
you grab me by my hand
and you show me love and kindness all through your plan

Even in the darkness
you show me your light
and I will use it every day and night

/You love me, you, You fill me up lord

I, Give all my life to you//

Jesus I take you into my life
come and restore my broken heart
my heart is flourished
my heart is yours
take my soul and time all the Glory is yours

This is my first song i wrote and record, i want to tell the world that God love Us
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