Until You

by Robert E Blackburn Professional

Until You

by Robert E Blackburn | Professional


Until you I couldn’t breathe
There was a pain inside me
That would never leave
But the Dark clouds opened and the sun appeared
My future is brighter and ever so clear
Everything used to be out of control
I was holding on the things I should’ve let go
Now I’m living a life like I never knew Until you Until you

Friends used to tell me
you will never learn
but I was caught up in a feeling
That was never returned
And I hoped someday I would find love
And I’d finally feel like I was enough
I about gave up and there you were
I looked in your eyes and I forgot about her
I thought I knew love but baby that wasn’t true Until you Until you

Im feeling like I’m living in a dream
And Every morning I wake up with you lying next to me
Every feeling I had that was blue
Is now every color of the rainbow and I wouldn’t have known it until you

I can’t describe what I’m feeling now
Every emotion is open some how
And you won’t see me without a grin
And nothing can change this mood that I’m in
smiling laughing hoping dreamin
No more days of hopeless feelings
I never thought I’d feel the way I do until you until you
Until you until you

I guy spends years looking fir tge right girl till he finds her and she turns his world upside down.
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