Vivid Dream

by Theresa Walsh Amateur


Take a deep breath in today, it’s been a bad one and you know it.
I’ll look back at all these days and laugh at my decisions.
But it’s hard, harder than I thought it’d be.
And I’m lost, misplaced outside this industry.
Take one step off that stage and you’ll never get your moment.
You’ll never run the race; you’ll never win the golden.
I know it’s hard, harder than you’d thought it’d be. (harder than I thought it’d be.)
And you are lost, but just keep focused on that vivid dream. (I’ll keep focused; I’ll keep focused.)
Vivid Dream, Vivid dream.
The stakes are rising up again,
and I am fighting for a chance,
my tears are falling just to see,
inside this vivid dream.
The stakes are rising (vivid dream),
and I am fighting (vivid dream),
my tears are falling (vivid dream),
inside this vivid dream.
Vivid Dream.

"Vivid dream" is what I imagine a conversation with my future self to look like. I think it's sometimes hard to keep motivated and stay strong when you’re on a specific path for the long haul. Whether it's a relationship, a career, or a lifestyle decision, you decide every day to keep going. It’s normal to get lost and question the steps you make, but at the end of the day, there’s still that one thing that keeps you moving. A vivid dream.
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