We are family, we are one

by John David Coupland Amateur


We are family, we are one. John David Coupland

Why Should a man stand completely alone,
Facing all that a cruel world will give?
When look there is Jesus with his outstretched hand,
Saying, ‘Come, follow me for I live.’

We are family, we are one,
As we follow God’s own Son.
One in Christ o’er all the Earth.
One in faith and Lord and birth.

And why should a woman who values her soul,
Walk on Life’s weary highway alone?
When look there is one who will carry her load,
And will see her soul safely to home.

And why should a child grow with no one to guide them,
And show them the truth from the lies.
The youngest, the oldest, the sinner, the saint,
Will believe when he opens their eyes.

Repeat verse 1.
©2020 John David Coupland

A contemporary hymn reflecting on the world wide church as our family.
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