We Could Fall in Love

by Pete Mitchell Professional

We Could Fall in Love

by Pete Mitchell | Professional


Lovely girl on the subway train
Every morning it’s just the same
Because you don’t notice me, no you don’t notice me

Maybe once I could catch your eye
Make some small talk as the world goes by
But you don’t look at me, no you don’t ever see

That in front of you is somebody who could be
Strong enough to set you free from the fear and the sadness
Your eyes can’t hide

I can tell that we’re just the same
And a spark could ignite the flame
So I just need a chance, just a smile, just a glance

Fate, are you there?
Stop your hiding and listen to my prayer
Do your thing, with just one shove
I bet we could fall in love.

I could ask if the evening’s free
Maybe you’d have a drink with me
In a place that I know, Where the smart people go

Love isn’t always on your side
That’s part of the game
The trick is to take your chances
Dice will fall and that’s the thrill of it all.

So count to three and the world will see it all
If I triumph or I fall and go back in the shadows
Do or die!

The age old story of boy meets girl but needs fate to intervene with a helping hand.
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