by Les Herridge Amateur


WE NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE Written & Recorded by Les Herridge, Dec 2020
For Betty May Herridge (1922-1976)
G D Em C
Looking through those photos on this cold and rainy day
G D Em
I smile as small-boy memories come alive
I live again in Summer days that never seemed to end
Am D7 G
And you were always there to show the way

Wasn’t always easy, but somehow you got us through
You loved away the pain that life can bring
And I recall we laughed a lot, we cried a little too
In my happy place I’m glad that there was you

C D7 G C
Bridge: Strings became much looser, and the boy became a man
Am G D
But the special times we knew would always stay
Em A C G
And then when I was miles away, came time for you to fly
Am D7 G
And we never had a chance to say goodbye

Seems that you were needed in a place so far away
The special ones, they say, are first to go
My baby son came to us after you had slipped away
I knew that you were there to help him through

In the world of angels, there are families like our own
They wait ‘till they can see us once again
For now I’ll look at photos, and remember how you were
And then I’ll be that little boy again

Repeat Bridge

Written and recorded this week by myself, without assistance, specifically for RootsTech. Dedicated to my mother, Betty May Herridge (1922 - 1976), who died when I was many miles away living in Wales - hence the title. I play several guitars on the track, including bass.
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