Where I Come From

by Thessa Louren Burdon Amateur


I am proud
Of who I am
Of what I’ve gone through
Where I stand

My parents
Were a golden beam
And they inspired
Me to dream

With my mother
Selling rice
In my fathers eyes

I know
This is where I come from


Cause there are two homes in my heart
The Philippines, Australia
And when I go over the seas
I feel alive I fee at peace
Cause I know where I belong
There are stories in my blood
I’m two halves of love
Two halves of love…

My parents told me
They had met
In Manila
Through a friend

They wrote letters
Long and deep
About their hopes
And memories

And I know
That there’s a soul
Out there for me
For all
Oh I know
Oh I know where I come from



All my sisters and my brothers
From all over please rise
Wave your hands
And sing along now
We’re no strangers you and I

We’re from so many different places
Countries cities towns and streets
But we all share one thing so special
That we’re all human underneath
And we know where we come from

Cause there are places in our hearts
But we aren’t too far apart
We’re all connected like the seas
we’re one nationality
So if you feel you don’t belong
Please listen to this song
Cause Earth is where we come from…

Cause Earth is where we come from!

This song is about my Filipino/Australian heritage. It touches on the story of my mother who grew up poor in the Philippines and my father who grew and almond orchard in the Riverland of South Australia. I am Asian/Australian and appreciate my heritage. A key message in this song that I wanted to convey is that we're all the same and belong on this planet, our shared home. I wrote the lyrics, had my vocals recorded, arranged and produced the song. My friend, Nick Russel, helped to mix and master it. I hope you enjoy it 🙂
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