Yes We Can

by John Lettieri Professional

Yes We Can

by John Lettieri | Professional


Instrumental Intro

(verse 1) Waiting for the waves of laughter
Joining me to you, and us to them
Yes we can, we can build
Familiar faces, well known places
let’s move together, side-by-side, for another ride
Yes we can

(Refrain) Rest easy
Look around
cry-out and make a difference
feel the wind, feel the breeze, feel my touch
lift a friend, Yes we can

(verse 2) It’s a bumpy path to freedom
think about the good that we can do
Yes we can
‘care about each other, every step, in every way
We can make it, all of us, it ain’t easy
Yes we can

Let me hear you, let me see you!


Saxophone instrumental solo (Let me hear you, let me see you)

(Short ver. 3) This is my story
honest and true
Be yourself and do your thing


Outro instrumental

It's a song about hope, friendship and helping one another to build meaningful connections; the journey is not easy, but working together, we can make a difference, contributing to a better world, Yes We Can.
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