You and Me

by Dave Dore Amateur


when I’m down,you’re always there for me
and when I’m sound you help me share my glee
you are my other half
you always make me laugh
you and me
we go so well together we both like the same things
we’ll always be forever practising our sins
you fill my heart with joy you’ll do for this boy
you and me
we took our time to make it but we got there in the end
aint no way to fake it more than just friends
only time will tell if this is heaven or its hell
you and me
so hold on to me baby and never let me go
definitely maybe you gotta reap just what you sow
travelling far and wide by each others side its you and me

a Funk/ Blues with Steve Pearce on bass Ian Thomas on Drums and Jim Watson on keyboards,me on guitars and vocals mixed and produced by Haydn Bendall,mastered by Ray Staff
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