You are stronger

by Les Cheveldayoff Professional


You Are Stronger (Matthew)

V1 (Matthew)
Rejected like You for the job I was chose to do
Trapped in whom I was groomed to be and despised by society
An unforgiving past is this hope at last
I Surrender

CH (Matthew)
This is who I am, a broken man but I will follow
Gave up my plan, with You I stand You hold tomorrow
I’ll tell the world that You have come and sin no longer
can keep us bound cause You are stronger stronger

V2 (Jesus)
You left behind a life of wealth and security
For a life seen as poverty, uncertainty
Enduring ridicule and pain, for My name
you left your friends to be friend Me
We weren’t the in crowd, no popularity
No longer living by your selfishness or greed
you just have to trust Me

BR (Matthew)
Where I lead, will you follow
Where I go, will you also
Where I Lead You, will you follow
because I am with you, all the way

Where He leads me I will follow
Where He leads me I will follow all the way

Ill go with You, with You, all the way

CH (Repeat)

i wrote this album of 13 songs from my 25yr of acting the role of Christ in church and professionally in dramas, plays, movies and documentaries the album is entitled Songs From The Cross. these are songs written from Jesus perspective about his disciples. Enjoy, id love to collaborate with you all
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