You Two

by Annie Elgie Amateur

You Two

by Annie Elgie | Amateur


Love can be a fickle thing,
I saw it slip by, time and time again,
But in you, I saw something to make
The hardest heart hope and
The wary mind weep
And so I say

You two, got this far without wits and tricks
Played your cards but the deck was fixed
The moonlight was on cue

I see you, share a smile, steal a glance
Call it fate, but its you whose hands
Built a love so true

I love you, so whatever may come to be
please know that your family
Wishes you the best
And all that’s left is to say I do

This is a jazz standard I wrote for my brother who's wedding was cancelled, rescheduled and re-envisioned because of Covid-19. I sought to write a song that came from a place of compersion for those you love or in other words, a song about how happy you are that those in your life have found happiness. Weddings are normally a time to celebrate and connect but with Covid on our minds, we have all been forced to rethink how we nurture those connections and continue to express our love for one another despite hardship. The Band aka My Friends: Vocals - Annie Elgie Guitar - Ben Rosistan Bass - PT Sandberg Drums - Aidan McConnell
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